New Year's Resolution #1 – Maintain A Blog

They say blogs are so 2004.  Well we have always had a classic side to our work.  After all, how many photographers are complementing their digital coverage with a 35mm Leica and an antique 4×5 portrait camera (film; what’s that?!).

Since we established this blog back in April, 2009 (and clearly done very little with it) we have conducted a very successful wedding photography contest (10,000+ votes counted).  Couples submitted their engagement story and the public voted.  A tight and hard-fought race, our winners, Di and Benjamin, won free wedding photography by a fraction of a percentage point!

Sonya and David, our runners up, chose Ian to cover their wedding in Chicago last October.  Below are a few shots from the beautiful day.

The contest was a huge success and great fun.  We look forward to this years submissions.  Check back for details on this, other news and our ongoing thoughts on really great photography!

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