2010 Engagement Story Contest

Vote here for the couple with your favorite engagement story and check back often. We will be posting video interviews of each couple and sharing results.

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32 Responses to “2010 Engagement Story Contest”

  1. Mary Maleski Says:

    I wish Beth and Jason a wonderful life together!

  2. mary tortorello Says:

    Here’s hoping that you win!!

    Loved the story!!

    Mary Tortorello

  3. Becky Szeyller Says:

    Dear Beth,

    Our love and prayer for you upon your engagement.

    Becky & Jim Szeyller

  4. blanca uribe Says:


  5. Alice Wujciak Says:


    Your guy really wants to please you! And he’ll go to any lengths to do it!


  6. Grace Says:

    congrats beth and jay!!

  7. Phyllis Camplin Says:

    I was afraid Jason would lose the ring before he got to the proposal. Good Luck to both of you!

  8. Leslie Says:

    Christina asked and I do what she says. Congratulations to the both of you! I’ll post on FB and I know you’ll win. xxoo

  9. Joan Donald Says:

    Congradulations to Beth and Jason

  10. Norma Frade Says:

    You guys look wonderful! Happy engagement!

  11. Lauren Says:

    Good luck to Beth and Jay! I really enjoyed the proposal story; who doesn’t love a story that features the one, and the only, Hank Treger? I hope you two kids win it by a landslide.

  12. Laura Wyatt Says:


    Congrats on your engagement !! I wish you two all the best Ü

  13. Yasamin Says:

    I love Katie & Robbie’s story, I love the way it is written. This portrait speaks volumes…

  14. Donna Dovel Says:

    Beth & Jason – Wishing you both the best life has to offer. May you grow old and very grey together! – Donna

  15. John Q Public Says:

    Well jeeze, why even have a contest? It is obvious to me that Beth and Jason stole the show the moment they entered. A vote for anyone else is un-american.

    Long live the american dream of getting your wedding photos for free!

  16. hollie green Says:

    I think you’re for sure the cutest couple!!

  17. Tony Serra Says:

    Congrats Jason and Beth. Jason, I’m not surprised by your “outside the box” approach to your engagement! Good thinking. Wish you both much happiness and success.

  18. Lori Maney Says:

    What a great story. You are such a cute couple. I wish you all the best.

  19. Eileen Maney Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes for a happy future together!

  20. Margaret&Poul Says:

    Congratulations Jason and Beth! We hope to meet you someday-someway. We are in denmark, one of Father Tom`s favorite countries, and can only say, how your dad, Jason, would have loved this wedding!Poul and I wish you both a very happy life together.It just takes a lot of love and understaning and all will go so well! You two look like you really belong together, Happy life to you with God`s blessings! Love from friends of you parents, Maggie and Poul

  21. Christina Whitney Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the ninja story! I hope Danika and Dan win. if their engagement was that original – I’m sure their wedding will be too!!

  22. Margaret&Poul Says:

    Congatulations from two of Mom and Dad`s good friends in Denmark, Jason. You look just like Tom when he was a young handsome fellow!He would have loved to be here and been a part of all of your happiness. Greeting to your mom,whom also we love, and we wish you all the best.
    Margaret and Poul

  23. Matty Says:

    Ohhhh my-gosh! Gee! Dan^2 is totally the best! That is the absolute most awesome thing I have ever heard for an engagement story! I hope all these lovely couples enjoy long happy lives together, but a ninja proposal complete with ninja-magic, fine-dining and a healthy dose of some super-spy ability really is preposterously awesome!

    See you soon!
    Best of everything!
    – M

  24. Komal Says:

    Congrats Robbie and Katie! I haven’t seen Robbie since high school but glad to know you found your happiness with Katie! Your story is very sweet and real! Best of luck I hope you win!


  25. Jodiherlane Says:

    GO D&D (Danika & Dan!!)

  26. tiffany Says:

    Way to rock Dan and Danika!

  27. danika Says:

    I have to say I kinda love Michelle & Chris.
    That “dude, I think that guy just proposed!” cracked me up – great story!

  28. elaina serotte Says:

    Love you D&D!

  29. Susan James Says:

    Danika and Dan really deserve to win

  30. Dawn Says:

    You two Rock!! Best of Luck Dan & Danika!!!

  31. Brianna Stanfield Says:

    Best wishes to Jay and Beth!

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